Sophie Davis

Writer In Residence

Silly To Think

Silly to Think

A new Australian play, ‘Silly to Think’ interrogates the absurdity of being a woman in a bizarre and chaotic universe. At long last, a female heroine is placed as the Absurdist lead in a theatrical form which has historically excluded her.

Presented by NIDA and Old 505, Sophie and co-director (and twin brother) Chris Davis have teamed up with the iconic Kerri Glasscock and Sydney Fringe HQ to produce a new work which exposes female oppression in the Absurdist form and liberate her from it.

The creative cast and crew are well underway with rehearsals in the stunning space at 5 Eliza Street, Newtown. The play itself which was written in conjunction with Sophie’s thesis paper has provided grounds for deep, existential interrogation of the text’s conceptual framework with actors, Sophie, Chris and Kerri. The team are experiencing an abundance of questions, discoveries and very exciting breakthroughs both personally and theatrically which they are extremely eager to get on the stage and present to the wider world.

Under the Morrison government it is time to interrogate the absurdity of the conception of ‘woman’ as created by men and ask, “what happens when one escapes this definition and can we?”

Sophie Davis

Nihilist turned existentialist Sophie Davis is a Sydney based creative with a keen curiosity in fierce female protagonists, queer stories and dark comedies. She is about to graduate from the NIDA Writing for Performance Master’s degree having just submitted her thesis on gender exclusion in the Theatre of the Absurd, a profound issue which her new play ‘Silly to Think’ tackles unapologetically.

In 2019 Sophie attended a life altering production of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Broadway and instantly decided to leave her job in creative production at Foxtel to pursue a career in the highly lucrative world of writing and theatre. Since, she has been busy creating new work with NIDA, her twin brother Chris and Blue Cow Theatre. Most recently Sophie was shortlisted for the 2021 Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission.

As large as they might be, Sophie’s artistic endeavours are to expose through the intersection of playwrighting and feminist philosophy that which has historically been left out of the Western cannon underneath patriarchal structures, and yet even more daunting still, pay off her student loan.