Jenny Tian and Patrick Golamco

Performers In Residence

18th – 31st October
Sketch Artists


Do you know the show Bridgerton? The TV series described as ‘colourful interpretation’ because of its diverse casting? Imagine that same diversity – but in comedy and in bite-sized pieces. It’s Sketch-eron!

The Sketch-erton series contains three bite-sized videos with a diverse cast of writers and stars from different backgrounds. Created by Chinese-Australian comedians Jenny Tian and Patrick Golamco, Sketch-erton includes sketches that poke fun at the Asian stereotypes created by Hollywood. What if James Bond was a sexy Asian hunk?* What if Pride and Prejudice had an Asian cast? Move aside Keira Knightley, it’s time for Sketch-erton. Sketch-erton will be shared and distributed on all major online platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

*Note, Jenny and Patrick tried really hard to get Daniel Dae Kim for the shoot but he’s unavailable. They promise the other sexy hunk is just as good.

Jenny Tian

Jenny Tian is a comedian, actor and writer. Known for her deadpan mannerisms and sharp wit, Jenny has performed in the stand-up comedy scene for over four years and in 2021, sold out her debut hour ‘Picture This’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival. Jenny’s acting background involves Screenwise on-camera training, AMAW (Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop) and Acting Mastery classes. You might have also spotted Jenny on The Swiping Game (SBS), The Feed (SBS) or seen her on your Tik Tok for you page. That’s right –she’s one of the TikTok kids.

Patrick Golamco

Patrick Golamco is a Chinese-Australian stand up comedian. He has performed his solo show all around Australia, including the Sydney Comedy Festival, Sydney Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and Perth Fringe festivals. His show blends musical comedy on his electronic keyboard with
insightful one liners, and accentuates his introverted persona. He represented NSW in the National RAW comedy competition this year and was the runner-up.

Patrick is also educated in acting, improv and scriptwriting, having trained with AMAW and completed several courses with LMA (Laugh Master’s Academy). He has won awards in several script writing competitions, including the Scriptapalooza TV competition, for comedy.