Gabrielle Bates & Serge Stanley

Artists in Residence

Nov 2 – 13

Open Studio Workshops – Registered Attendees Only:
October 7th, 9th – 13th, times TBC


Building Chorus

This residency offers a critical lab space for artists, musicians, dancers and performers to explore the living qualities of architecture through community articulation. In the first days of the residency, Serge and Gabrielle will develop questions and methodologies, then invite performers to share their own methods and interpretations to mutually expand each other’s practices and draw out unique responses. At the end of the residency period, fresh partnerships will be place, creating potential for a new project in 2021.


Gabrielle Bates & Serge Stanley

This residency will create a collaborative research environment between Gabrielle Bates, Serge Stanley and the Inner West performance Community. Gabrielle Bates is a cultural producer whose art practice has evolved over 30 years into an immersive investigation of how we occupy, understand and enchant place. Art residencies between 2007 and 2014 introduced her to more community-inclusive approaches to cultural production, as well as prompting her masters research into Witchcraft, ritual and creative activation. Her recent projects include the 2019 community/site activation ‘Dub Circle’ in Camperdown Park; 2019 flash mob performance ‘Sleepwalkers’ for EDGE Sydenham; and various community activations around New South Wales between 2016 and 2019.  Serge Stanley is an award-winning composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated on projects with leading Australian artists including Angelica Mesiti, Brooke Andrew and George Gittoes. Serge has performed on national and international tours with various groups and played at most of Sydney’s major venues. His signature band ‘On the Stoop’ is a dynamic local ensemble which performs regularly around Australia.