Curly Fernandez

Performance Maker In Residence

Oct 12 – 16


The Leftovers will explore coulrophobia – the fear of clowns.
With Jenny McGregor – singer / songwriter / clown, coulrophobia will explore what it means to be ‘the other’.

Curly Fernandez (The Leftovers)

Curly Fernandez is an Australian conceptual artist with an interest in audience participatory processes. He is of Indian and Portuguese ancestry. His work combines disruptive art with social experiments that are incendiary, experiential, and provocative explorations of humanity.

He leads the Leftovers Collective which has performed for the City of Sydney, Mardi Gras, The Powerhouse Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Opera House.

Artist Testimonial:

The experience gifted by Sydney Fringe Festival was an absolute joy! To be provided with a physical space where you are given a theatre replete with a designated stage, entrances and exits, and breakout spaces really laid the foundation for Coulrophobia, which truthfully could not have been realised in its pure form without this generous support.

The Residency program allows artists who are reliant on people, relationships, materials and interactions a space to create, share and express their point of view during this massive global shift. Artists are incredibly resourceful flexible creatures who always find a way, however by being given support of the theatre at 5 Eliza street, a wage, internet and breakout spaces made it possible once again to concentrate on the art of the work as opposed to logistics. Having all the Covid safety policies and procedures in place including sanitiser, and cleaners took a level of pressure off us, enabling the Collective to totally create. 

– Curly Fernandez