Simon Thomson

Artist In Residence

1st – 14th November

Play Generator

Play Generator was conceived as a project in 2020 as a way of creating new content for our collective to perform. Going into lockdown gave the project impetus as members of the collective looked for artistic outlets. The format was those that wished to be involved suggested themes and story ideas that where then drawn at random. Different writers were then drawn at random to create an order of writers. Each writer would anonymously write a different scene after having been given the previous scene forming a culminative play.  What arose from this experiment was a piece about a woman in a couple struggling in a totalitarian Australia, turning to creating illegal online pornography as a way of rebelling against the state and making ends meet.

Concrete Theatre Collective

Concrete Theatre Collective is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to create new theatre productions with graduates from Sydney Theatre School. The organisation was founded in September 2015 when the first round of graduates decided to take their collaboratively devised physical theatre show on tour. These actors created the company in order to work self-sufficiently and to continually produce their own work. Now in its 6th year, the company strives to make thought-provoking work and give its members multiple opportunities to perform. Out past work includes Misfits 2016, The Birds, The Bees, And The Entire Menagerie 2017, CageFish 2017, Speaking In Tongues 2018, Hannah 2018, Trainspotting 2019 and Marisol. Our mission is to bridge the gap between student and professional (actor) for graduates of Sydney Theatre School.  The Collective provides graduates with the opportunity to continue working on their skills and earn an income from their art. By helping transition these actors from students to paid professionals, we hope to establish them in an otherwise tough industry and provide a platform for them to create new work. . As the theatre industry, and the nature of training institutions, continue to morph and adapt in Sydney, we do too. We continue to hone our skills, develop new ones, and endeavour to tell stories with rawness, vulnerability, absolute truth, with a focus on developing new and exciting Australian theatre that is accessible to all of our community.