Bradford Elmore and Rogue Projects

Artist In Residence

Jan 2022
Theatre Makers


Exploring the forces that draw us to each other, tear us asunder, and sometimes leave us adrift, Kentucky-born playwright Bradford Elmore’s debut work is a deeply personal, utterly unapologetic story of one man’s need to understand who he is, and what love looks like when gender is only part of the question. This semi-autobiographical new drama shines a light on the experience of bisexual and queer-identifying men who find themselves falling in love, and into a whole new identity, when they least expect it, and the consequences of that journey.

Bradford Elmore

Bradford Elmore is an emerging Kentucky-born playwright who found his forever home in Sydney almost eight years ago, and his passion for playwriting not long after. A graduate of Western Kentucky University he is one half of the APA award-nominated duo behind the ByTheBi Podcast, and is a leading figure in the bisexual + visibility movement. Since partnering with Producer Robbi James in 2017 Bradford has developed three new works, Gravity, Terrible Twos and Kevin and the Monster. The first work, Gravity, was selected for the 2019 Mardi Gras Playlist event by director Kate Gaul, is shortlisted for the 2020 Australian Queer Playwriting Award, and is currently slates for future production with director/dramaturg Anthony Skuse and Rogue Projects.

2021 Bradford’s first short film script Refused Classification was filmed with director Chris Elena (Audio Guide). He is currently working with composer and lyricist Jye Bryant (The Things I Could Never Tell Steven) on a new musical project titled Murder Trust.