Tuxedo Rentals: Retirement Tour

Tuxedo Rentals: Retirement Tour

from $15.00

06 - 08 Sep | 50 minutes Factory Theatre

Don your dinner jackets and tighten your ties as improv comedians TUXEDO RENTALS unleash their debut one-hour show: RETIREMENT TOUR. An hour of absurd characters, grounded relationships and non-stop laughs.

Prepare for an unforgettable improv experience with Tuxedo Rentals: Retirement Tour! Formerly an ITS House Team, this group of nine talented improvisers refuses to stop performing together. Join them on a comedic journey filled with laughter, clever callbacks, and unexpected characters.

From TV news host Sandra Sully to the not-so-kid-friendly Bluey, be ready to meet an array of captivating personalities. Laugh along as they encounter unexpected situations, engage in witty banter, and navigate through the absurdities of everyday life.

Don't miss this hilarious showcase of talent from performers with backgrounds in theatre, revues, dance, acting, commercials, prop-making, directing, stand-up, sketch, and, of course, improv. With a diverse group of performers, each bringing their unique styles and strengths, their collaboration creates an explosive blend of laughter and entertainment. Whether you're an improv aficionado or new to the genre, Tuxedo Rentals offers the perfect introduction to the art form. Tuxedo Rentals guarantees an evening of infectious fun, as their genuine friendship and contagious energy radiate from the stage.

"Outrageously funny and remarkably clever!" - Kim Leutwyler
"These guys never fail to crack me up with their absurd and hilarious scenes!" - Jill Woodfield
"Bursting at the seams with great chemistry and perfectly silly stakes" - Jasmine Bishop

Get your tickets now and prepare for an uproarious evening of laughter and camaraderie!

Show details

Show details
  • 06 - 08 Sep | 50 minutes
  • Venue 1: Factory Theatre
Performance notes
  • Sydney Premiere
  • Content warnings: Sudden Loud Noises, Coarse Language
  • Things to note: While we do our best to avoid sensitive topics, our show is entirely improvised so we don't know what themes/content will feature until it happens
Venue details & accessibility
Factory Theatre

105 Victoria Road, Marrickville 2204 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 0290206919


There is no parking on site, but you can arrange to be dropped off right out front and staff can assist with your entry.

How to enter:
If you are attending an event at the Factory Theatre, please email boxoffice@century.com.au with your contact details, as well as the show you are attending.

Access Notes:
For wheelchair users please note: Fusebox - Accessible. Factory Floor - Accessible. Terminal - Not Accessible. Workshop - Accessible. Matchbox - Not accessible.

Dates and times


Factory Theatre

Wednesday 06 Sep - 9:30pm
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Factory Theatre

Friday 08 Sep - 9:30pm
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  • Cast/Producer – Tyler Dias
  • Cast/Producer – Alison Cooper
  • Cast/Producer – Annaliese Shaw
  • Cast/Producer – Georgie Daniels
  • Cast/Producer – Lara Newman
  • Cast/Producer – Jack Price
  • Cast/Producer – Jordy Russo
  • Cast/Producer – Jordana Wegman
  • Cast/Producer – James Kehoe
Photos by Shane Porter
Photos by Shane Porter
Photos by Shane Porter