The Kris & Sarah Show

The Kris & Sarah Show


19 - 23 Sep | 1 hour Cabaret Club - Club Room

Omg is that a chicken? No! It's The Kris & Sarah Show! Kim, there are people that are dying... dying to watch The Kris & Sarah Show. Get Tix Now!

‘The Kris & Sarah Show’ is a satirical take on television talk shows and reality tv personalities. It’s just like any other talk show, but better. It’s a talk show in 3D, yes that's right, a talk show in 3D! Hosted by Australian royalty Kris Cetinic and Sarah Bergman, with a celebrity guest, prizes, AND a chance for YOU (a peasant) to come up on stage and win BIG. Come join the live studio audience and be broadcast home to your mates, your mum, your mate’s mums and your mum’s mates. This show will be a memorable night with laughs, giggles, sweat, tears and blood.

Show details

Show details
  • 19 - 23 Sep | 1 hour
  • Venue 1: Cabaret Club - Club Room
Performance notes
  • Content warnings: Sudden Loud Noises, Coarse Language, Depictions of Violence, Verbal Audience Interaction, Sexual Themes
Venue details & accessibility
Cabaret Club - Club Room

The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel Level 1, 169 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 02 7813 4527


There is accessible street parking in surrounding streets. There is also a drop-off point outside the hotel (3 car space length).

How to enter:
"Access Assistance" button at door and ramp can be extended. Staff to assist. Elevators accessible, step free access throughout Hotel. Accessible bathrooms available. 

Dates and times

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“The Kris & Sarah Show possesses both a freewheeling sense of play and audience engagement, and an astute and incisive indictment of popular culture. Kris and Sarah manage to tap into the vapidness of postmodernism to render grotesque caricatures of the stars that this age continues to celebrate. They do more than point and laugh at the silliness of this culture, they offer up their own hilarious twisted culture in its place. When watching the show at The Pheonix I felt as though I might be experiencing the emergence of an exciting new zeitgeist in theatre-making. I wholeheartedly encourage the further support of these artists and their work. Viva la Kris and Sarah show!" Dr. Malcom Whittaker

  • Writer/director – Kris Cetinic, Sarah Bergman
  • Kris – Kris Cetinic
  • Sarah – Sarah Bergman
  • Rocco – Rocco Forrester-Sach
  • Jenny Taylia Awnma Faise – Space Horse (Geordie McCormack
  • Camera Person – Nelson Paris-d'Arbela
  • Sign Girl – Clementine de la Hunty
  • Merch Boy – Patrick Ferrer
Presented by
  • Kris&Sarah R Us.Entertainment
Photography - Nelson d'Arbela
Photography - Nelson d'Arbela
Photography - Nelson d'Arbela
Photography - Nelson d'Arbela