19 - 23 Sep | 1 hour Flight Path Theatre

It’s New York City 1977. Tommy, a young Australian performer, living in Manhattan, has his sights firmly set on Broadway. But its post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS and the breaks are off.

Tommy McInerney, a 26-yr-old Australian gypsy – a singer, dancer and actor – lives in New York. For three years he’s been studying and auditioning, hoping to break into the Broadway scene. But things are tough. To make ends meet Tommy sleeps on a couch in Chelsea and waits tables at Koukla, a bash-house diner on 33rd street opposite Madison Square Garden.
Over the course of an hour Tommy takes us on a guided tour of the burgeoning New York gay scene in the wake of Stonewall and the rise of an aggressive, unapologetic gay movement. However, as ‘the scene’ takes a hold, Tommy begins to lose his grip, to lose sight of his goal. He’s drawn deep into dark side of the sexual revolution. And, along the way, reveals traumas he’s fled to the other side of the world to try to escape. Finally illegal, having abandoned his studies and forfeited his student visa, Tommy takes a sideways move into erotic dancing, Gay Burlesque and more... when an unexpected visitor arrives and breaks the spell.
"A beautiful play impeccably staged and acted”.
Ian Roberts: Footballer, Actor, Activist
"A must see.”
Susie Porter: Actor

Show details

Show details
  • 19 - 23 Sep | 1 hour
  • Venue 1: Flight Path Theatre
Performance notes
  • Content warnings: Coarse Language, Discussion of Sexual Violence, Content Related to Mental Health/Ill-health, Sexual Themes
  • Things to note: The play is enhanced with images taken by New York photographers active at the time.
Venue details & accessibility
Flight Path Theatre

142 Addison Road, Addison Road Community Centre , Hut 9, Marrickville 2204 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 0405 399 931


Dates and times

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  • Producer – Paul Bugden
  • author – Paul Bugden
  • Performer – Robbie Alexander
  • Director – Nicholas Flanagan
  • Production Stills – Yann Le Berre
  • Videography – Patrick Townsend
  • Set design – Paul Bugden