Secret Girl Stuff

Secret Girl Stuff


07 - 09 Sep | 1 hour 20 minutes Flight Path Theatre

Equal rights, consensual sex and destroying taboo on female hygiene - these are a few of my favourite things.

'Secret Girl Stuff’ is a collection of scenes and monologues that explore all walks of the female experience – Including but not limited to; exploring sexual identity, the ways friendships impact us, romantic relationships, motherhood, the embarrassment and the hardships of puberty and the traumas we experience that shapes the person we become. In ‘Secret Girl Stuff’ there are no characters, but rather, a group of women and one man that give a voice to uniquely female/female presenting experiences. ‘Secret Girl Stuff’ invites audiences to reflect on the meaning of ‘womanhood’ and what it means to each individual and the people around us.

Show details

Show details
  • 07 - 09 Sep | 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Venue 1: Flight Path Theatre
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
  • Content warnings: Coarse Language, Discussion of Sexual Violence, Content related to Eating Disorders, Content Related to Mental Health/Ill-health, Sexual Themes
Venue details & accessibility
Flight Path Theatre

142 Addison Road, Addison Road Community Centre , Hut 9, Marrickville 2204 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 0405 399 931


Dates and times

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  • Director – Mikaela Corrigan
  • Stage Manager – Georgie Moore
  • Cast – Lycia Gunawan, Rachele Edson, Sophie Persson, Olivia Bartha, Madi Hough, Izzy Azzopardi, Nicholas Pavan, Ella Earle
Presented by
  • Mikaela Corrigan, Nicholas Pavan and Chelsea Radford