One Who Wants To Cross

One Who Wants To Cross


05 - 09 Sep | 1 hour Flight Path Theatre

Australian premiere of this award-winning French play about the global migrant crisis, where profound tragedy and irresistible hope are entwined in an urgent dreamscape of lyricism, physical theatre, and sound.

One Who Wants To Cross (Un Qui Veut Traverser)
Written by Marc-Emmanuel Soriano, Translated by Amanda Gann


“In the water now up to the waist, there are some who struggle to walk, staying upright as best they can, holding what’s left of their belongings, clinging to one another, like soldiers returning from battle... ”

One Who Wants to Cross is on the precipice. They see no other option. They are ever pacing the line between the excruciating present and the unknowable future. Where they are from does not matter, only where they will arrive.

By sea, by train, by truck, by foot, One Who Wants To Cross keeps moving forward. As far as they can, at any cost.

Examining the contemporary human tragedy of refugee and migrant crises around the world, this lyrical drama is a striking portrait of endeavour, ingenuity, and restraint.Physical theatre and enveloping sound support the bold storytelling of an incomprehensible tale.

★★★★ The Guardian UK - “A hypnotic narrative power ... full of poetry and nail-biting dread”
★★★★ The Stage - “Melancholy, meditative and deeply affecting”

Recipient of multiple French awards (Centre National du Théâtre, Guérande, Influenscènes, TAPS, Panta Théâtre), ‘One Who Wants To Cross’ received its world premiere at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris.

Amanda Gann’s English-language translation was first performed in the UK in January 2023, presented by Clarisse Makundul Productions in association with Neil McPherson for Finborough Theatre.

This Australian premiere is a brand-new production presented by Emma Whitehead (Lost Thought Arts) at Flight Path Theatre.

Show details

Show details
  • 05 - 09 Sep | 1 hour
  • Venue 1: Flight Path Theatre
Performance notes
  • Australian Premiere
  • Content warnings: Depictions of Violence
Venue details & accessibility
Flight Path Theatre

142 Addison Road, Addison Road Community Centre , Hut 9, Marrickville 2204 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 0405 399 931


Dates and times

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  • Director – Emma Whitehead (Lost Thought Arts)
  • Cast – Malek Domkoc, Naser Ali, Jonathan Lim, Vinaya Elijala, Pradhan Dewri
  • Cultural Consultants – Abang Anade Othow, Simon Shahin, Yaser Naseri
  • Production Designer – Ruby Jenkins
  • Sound Designer – Cameron Smith
  • Assistant Director – Tinashe Mangwana
  • Fight Choreography – Pradhan Dewri
  • ASM – Sangeeta Tandon