Kaleidoscope Show

Kaleidoscope Show


23 - 24 Sep | 55 minutes The Greek Theatre at Addi Road

Join us wearing your favourite colour into our Kaleidoscope where the colours and monotones live in harmony. Delight in the beautiful story highlighting the importance of inclusivity and kindness.

Children's show featuring a live band, singers, beautiful dancing fairies, a real sausage dog, the monotones - a gang of mean tones and the colours that live inside the kaleidoscope. Interactive storyline that highlights the importance of kindness and inclusivity. Encourages everyone to find their true colour. Come with us inside the kaleidoscope wearing your favourite colours and join the cute colours living there as they try to keep the monotones from turning everything dark and dull. This interactive show features a live band, lots of fun with songs and dances and the cutest Kaleido-dog in town.

Show details

Show details
  • 23 - 24 Sep | 55 minutes
  • Venue 1: The Greek Theatre at Addi Road
Performance notes
  • Content warnings: Sudden Loud Noises, Verbal Audience Interaction
Venue details & accessibility
The Greek Theatre at Addi Road

Addison Road Community Centre 36/142 Addison Road Marrickville, Marrickville 2204 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: +61413989007


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  • Writer – Lynsey Mackay
  • Director & editor – Maddie Epthorp
  • Kaleidoscope band – Michael Meissner, Paul Kerr, Mick Hogan, Lynsey Mackay & Graham Munro
  • Kaleidoscope kids ensemble – Madison Loftus, Pheebie-lee Castle-Wenholz, Isabella Stoddart, Kashmir Appleton, Imogen Matthew, Madeleine Menage, Owen Mcdonagh, Pippa Aris, Mavie Aris, Bella Williams, Audrey Menage
  • Colouring & Shapearella – Krista Janevski & Karis Statheos
  • Kaleido-dog – Piccolo
  • Black – Thomas Gardiner
  • White the Ice Queen – Tiffany-rose Burchett
  • Grey – Vanessa Gamal-Debono
  • Unknown – Bruno Waters
  • Orange – Audrey McDonagh
  • Teal – Brooke Jones
  • Brown – Aaliyah Thurtell
  • Mini-multi – Sophie Loftus
  • Katie Kaleidoscope - Keeper of the Colours – Lizzie Lark