Five Year Reunion

Five Year Reunion

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26 - 30 Sep | 1 hour Emerging Artist Sharehouse - The Office

Are you dreading your 5-year reunion, or are you a liar? Harry is both. This dynamic, scandalous one-man show investigates residential colleges and all-boys schools with wit and intensity.

Step into the world of The College Elite, Sydney Gays, Private School Kids and their Boarding Supervisors. Nobody is safe.

It’s been five years since Harry graduated from an isolated all-boys boarding school. And he’s been busy! Not only is he successful and happy to be living in Sydney; he’s established a solid circle of friends, too.

So when the time comes for his high school reunion, his old-flame-slash-former-best-friend Tom has to basically drag him there.

Memories resurface. Immature decisions come to light. And the bar, frustratingly enough, doesn't accept Apple Pay.

In a writing-performing debut by Xavier Lynch, this 57-minute-long play touches on just about everything, including encounters with train eshays, being banned from Grindr, and a fateful encounter with some private school girls that changes Harry’s life forever.

Don't miss this gripping exploration of identity, nostalgia, and the complexities of young adulthood.

Show details

Show details
  • 26 - 30 Sep | 1 hour
  • Venue 1: Emerging Artist Sharehouse - The Office
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
  • Content warnings: Sexual Themes, Depiction of Sexual Acts
Venue details & accessibility
Emerging Artist Sharehouse - The Office

Erskineville Town Hall, 104 Erskineville Road, Erskineville 2043 (Gadigal Country)
Telephone: 95506087


There is ramp entry to the right of the building. The ramp width varies from 98cm at the entrance to 118cm in the middle. Partial uneven ground out the front. Street parking and accessible parking near by, close to bus stops. Note there is an accessible bathroom but can only be accessed through the 'Living room'.

How to enter:
Door too narrow for this room. Not accessible for wheelchair users

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Photography by Georgia Griffiths (@georgiajanegriffiths)
Photography by Georgia Griffiths (@georgiajanegriffiths)
Photography by Georgia Griffiths (@georgiajanegriffiths)
Photography by Georgia Griffiths (@georgiajanegriffiths)