Jodie Choolburra

Jodie Choolburra-Welsh is a Gamilaroi and Murrawarri woman born and raised in the Redfern community on Gadigal land. Jodie’s skin name is Gunimaa which means “Mother Earth” in Gamilaraay.  Jodie is the Founder/Artistic Director of Brolga Dance Academy which is an Aboriginal dance school specialising in Traditional and Aboriginal Contemporary dance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and based in Redfern.  Jodie brings over 20 years’ experience in the Indigenous arena specializing in First Nation’s arts, media and politics. Driven by her passion to promote Aboriginal arts and culture to local, national, and global audiences, she has played a vital role in educating communities about the value and importance of using Aboriginal arts as a vehicle to foster respect, awareness and understanding.