“Independent art and an independent voice in the world today are more important today than ever. In my experience, the independent arts scene gives voice and space to artists and communities who are often marginalised or silenced by main stream society. We need independent arts to start, and continue, uncomfortable and challenging conversations. The arts can provide a mirror to society and enable us to think about how far we have or haven’t come. In this moment of global socio-political upheaval and climate change I think that’s more important than ever.”

Ayeesha is a proud Māori Grenadian woman, born in Grenada and raised in Meanjin/Brisbane. She is the Artistic Director of the highly acclaimed Black Birds and an interdisciplinary artist who seeks to spark social consciousness through her work. A graduate of WAAPA, Ayeesha has worked with the likes of Griffin, PACT, The Joan & PACT, performed in numerous Indi works & become a part of the FBi Radio Arts & Culture team.


“Independent Art and the voice of creatives are there to shake up mundane realities and to bust open the boxes within society. And most importantly to Bridge what we perceive on earth and the divine.”

Decan Kelly was born in Sydney to an Irish father and Maori mother. Having two strong ancestral ties made it no wonder that creativity and music was running through his blood. He has forged a career as a formidable drummer playing with the likes of Bernard Fanning, Katie Noonan, Passenger and more. As a solo artist he has released a number of albums including Tales From The Neighbourhood and Adrift. His project Diesel N Dub features collaborations with Emma Donovan, Alex Lloyd and Radical Son playing reggae and dub versions of Midnight Oil songs, proceeds going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


“It’s important for independent artists to have a voice and a place where they can perform their work , to have visibility and show diversity. Their work may not be mainstream and the Sydney Fringe gives them a place to perform and maybe even change people’s way of thinking.”

Minnie was the reigning queen of Sydney’s premier nightclub Arq for fifteen years, producing award-winning shows and driving Sydney’s partygoers wild with excitement. She has produced and choreographed many large-scale spectacles at events such as Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball, and has worked with stars including Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, Kate Miller-Heidke, David Atkins, Todd McKenney, Rhonda Burchmore and Australia’s most famous drag performer, Carlotta. Minnie Cooper is a true legend and her superstar talent will leave you wanting more.


“Being an independent artist is so powerful! I am not bossy I am the Boss #BossGirl…I have complete creative control over my craft, and I can release my work whenever I feel is best. It’s also about reflecting on why I love making music my way. It also gives me the freedom to choose where my music is heard and how I spread my message “I love being an independent artist, as it means I’m able to stay true to myself at all times, expressing whatever musical form I am passionate about. I love the freedom to be able to experiment and develop my craft without any limits and with full creative control.”

DJ Jazzy is the new face and sound of music for our younger generation. DJ Jazzy is a super talented Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer/Choreographer, Photographer, Filmmaker, family influencer with a passion for connecting and working with young people.